Historic setting for halls of residence

The former Aarhus Municipal Hospital is being converted into a modern campus.

Akustikplatten von Troldtekt als Wandverkleidung im Wohnungsbau

When you have had enough of new architecture, where everything is possible and the buildings try to outdo one another, it is liberating to walk around a harmonious area such as Aarhus University Park (Denmark). Simple design and classic materials in harmony with nature.

The former Municipal Hospital, designed by the same architects and dating from the same era, is situated on the other side of Randersvej. The buildings were designed by CF Møller and Kay Fisker, two of the giants of Danish architecture.

The Municipal Hospital is currently being converted into a dynamic campus that is forward-looking while remaining rooted in the many qualities of the site. One of the buildings dates back to 1941 and sports the characteristic red tiles and saddle roof of the time. The building was originally a residence for nurses before it later became a patient hotel. Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab (FEAS) has carried out extensive renovation work, respecting both the whole and the details.

The renovation work has resulted in 132 student residences with space for 170 students. All of the apartments have been fitted with their own bathroom, toilet and small kitchenette. They therefore differ significantly from ordinary student housing, but communal kitchens have been installed on each floor to encourage a sense of community.

Both the exterior and interior renovation work was extensive, but the original soul of the building has been retained by keeping e.g. the original floor tiles in the foyer and the staircase. The new communal kitchens provide space for cooking and socialising and open up onto the large, bright staircase. The acoustics have been managed by Troldtekt in both the communal kitchens and the long corridors that provide access to the student residences.