Comfort in the forest

A new chapter in life leads to construction of a holiday home. A home that could become permanent and that fulfils all the family's wishes.

Schallabsorbierende Holzwolle-Leichtbauplatten von Troldtekt werden häufig als Akustikdecken in Privathäusern verwendet

The wooden holiday home is an oasis in the middle of the forest. Inside, you feel close to nature, with the large window panes and a sloping ceiling that allows the space to be filled with daylight. The family chose a Frifeldt home, which gave them the opportunity to put their own mark on the development. For the floor plan, the family prioritised more bathroom space ahead of a larger hallway and large, light-coloured tiles have been used for the floors throughout. Extra cupboard space has also been added in the kitchen.

Frifeldt homes are usually constructed using white wooden panels on the walls and white Troldtekt acoustic panels for the ceilings. This was something the family wanted to think about but both ended up being perfect for the home.

Excellent floor plan

The open-plan living space with the kitchen is spacious and gives views across the forest and the covered terrace. The white Troldtekt ceiling panels have been continued throughout the covered terrace, which provides a pleasing consistency between all the spaces and the transition between the outdoors and the inside. The covered terrace features built-in spot lights, providing a soft transition and a pleasant atmosphere in the evening. The additional living space between the bedrooms and the large open-plan living space has also proven to be a hit.

Because of the excellent acoustics, the small additional living space is a great place to withdraw if the house is busy with people. The bright residence has been decorated with finds from the family's travels and is, in their own words, a house in which you feel at home. There are high levels of comfort and true Danish hygge.