Charming setting for NPV

Property development company NPV’s own office in Charlottenlund presents the company as having respect for history and a sense of modern interior design.

Schallabsorbierende Holzwolle-Leichtbauplatten von Troldtekt werden häufig als Akustikdecken in Büroräumen verwendet

NPV is located in a two-storey building near Denmark's historic Charlottenlund Castle. The building was previously part of the castle. Their offices are therefore now in a fantastic location and in a beautiful, historic property. Most office workstations are on the upper floor of the building, while the ground floor is reserved for meetings, the canteen and, of course, the reception.

Visitors immediately encounter a warm and friendly atmosphere upon arrival, created by combining the modern interior design with the historical elements. Black is a consistent colour, including on the ceilings, creating an intimate atmosphere. The black Troldtekt ceilings also help to ensure good acoustics in all meeting rooms and the canteen.

Original columns

The reception is located in the middle of the building and is visible upon arrival. The furniture is clad in wooden strips, and the back wall along the entire length of the floor is raw brick. It’s a combination that adds a lot of warmth and texture to the room. The meeting rooms are of different sizes, but all feature glass walls completmented by wooden strips. Long curtains provide additional room screening.

A fine balance has been achieved between the hard and smooth surfaces and brick walls, with the Troldtekt acoustic ceilings adding a fine texture to the rooms. The original pillars are painted in the same grey colour as the walls and serve as a reminder that this is a historic property given a modern interior.