Newly built headquarters brings together multiple functions

The swedish company NP Nilsson has invested in a new head office and logistics centre, bringing together several functions at the same address. In the new office space, Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for both ceilings and walls.

Akustikdecken von Troldtekt in Büro- und Gewerbegebäuden

NP Nilsson is a third-generation company that operates seven physical DIY stores in southern Sweden and has a logistics centre that supplies building sites in both Skåne and Halland. In addition, the company also operates a production facility for the prefabrication of wall elements, roof rafters and finished villas, among other things.

The company is based in Båstad Municipality north of Helsingborg, and due to many years of growth, NP Nilsson has invested in a new building that brings together the logistics centre and head office. The company remains in Båstad Municipality, but has moved to the location where the production facility was already located.

The new location was occupied in autumn 2023. Around 70 of a total of 200 employees in production, logistics, administration and business management are now gathered at the same address.

During the design process, the office space was expanded with a view to accommodating more salaried employees in the coming years, which is why the height was increased. The warehouse has a modern design and is partly AI-controlled.


Good acoustics – even in the rooms with high ceilings

Jakobsson Pusterla is the architectural firm behind NP Nilsson’s new headquarters. Both the building’s construction and the cladding of the facade are wood-based. In addition, there are solar panels on the roof.

Inside the office area, Troldtekt panels are installed on virtually all ceiling surfaces and several wall surfaces. This helps ensure good acoustics – especially in the rooms with high-ceilings.

600 square metres of black Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for the ceilings, and 140 square metres of square grey acoustic panels were chosen for selected wall areas.

In terms of design, Troldtekt works well with the other materials used in the new building, including wood panelling on the walls, carpet and tiled flooring, as well as coordinated interiors, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the employees.