Graphical signals

In the Copenhagen area, a new light rail line is being built to supplement the  Metro, but above ground and operated by a train driver. Glostrup is home to Greater Copenhagen's Light Rail Control and Maintenance Centre, which also houses the preparation of the trains.

Akustikdecken von Troldtekt in Gewerbegebäude

The Control and Maintenance Centre has a very recognisable look with its COR-TEN steel facades and rhythmic progression of windows and doors. The window frames themselves are yellow and framed by rusty steel screens, which can partly provide shade from the sun, but also contribute to an exciting facade design. The entrance area with a capital L is very distinct and a nice gesture for visitors and users of the building.

Filip Dichmann, construction manager for the new light rail system, gives a tour of the building and explains that it is largely used by the team behind the future light rail line, but that it will eventually serve as the workplace for operating it. According to Filip Dichmann, they wanted a reliable building and that’s what they got. It is robust and practical in every way.

Red, yellow and green ceilings

The green colour of the light rail logo is reflected in the ceiling when you enter the large distribution room. The Troldtekt acoustic ceiling is supplied to order in the proper green colour. A large canteen, which is also used for internal training courses, has red Troldtekt ceilings, thus signalling a warmer tone. Effective acoustics are also of great importance for the room's function. On the same floor you'll find the changing rooms for employees and more technical functions. The lower floor is where the trains roll in and are readied in a large hall. At the top are the building's office functions and meeting rooms. Here, the Troldtekt ceilings are all in yellow. This is a obvious way to unify the many rooms on the floor.

The light rail has a line with stops from Lundtofte in the north to Ishøj in the south and is expected to be operational in 2025. The control and maintenance centre is off to a good start and has a refreshing clarity as Greater Copenhagen's light rail building.