One of Malmö’s landmarks enters a new era

The Kronprinsen Shopping Centre in Malmö has been renovated with new shops and tempting restaurants. Several variants of Troldtekt solutions contribute to great acoustics in the new up-to-date design.

Akustikplatten von Troldtekt haben herausragende schallabsorbierende Eigenschaften und sorgen für eine gute Akustik in beispielsweise Bürogebäuden

It’s hard to overlook the 27-storey high-rise building in Malmö towering over the Kronprinsen district. The royal name of the neighbourhood derives from when this area was home to the Crown Prince’s Hussar Regiment.

It was the highest building here with 750 apartments until 2005. The entire ground floor consists of a shopping centre with around 40 different shops, fitness facilities and restaurants.

The building was originally built in 1964, when the idea at the time was to have a city in the city – because in addition to homes, offices and shops, there were also medical practices, bowling and tennis courts, as well as a casino, car workshop and even a TV station at the top.

Ejendomsselskabet Heimstaden acquired Kronprinsen and started a major renovation in 2021. It was completed at the beginning of 2024, when Kronprinsen – in both function and design – was ushered into a new era with the focus on what constitutes a modern shopping centre as an attractive meeting place for the locals.


Troldtekt as part of new design

In connection with the renovation of Kronprinsen, new shops and exciting restaurants with food from all over the world have been added.

Kamikaze Arkitekter is behind the shopping centre’s new interior, where the design has been given a contemporary look, including the use of wood in different constellations and warm, natural colours.

Troldtekt acoustic panels were also selected for several of the centre’s areas. Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood have been installed in the café and restaurant area, ensuring that guests can eat and talk in an acoustically pleasant environment. The cement-bonded wood wool ceilings help to absorb sound in the rooms where the tiled floor would otherwise risk bouncing it around.

The Troldtekt curves design solution has also been installed on the walls in the area for bicycle parking and passage in the basement. This Troldtekt design solution with its characteristic wavy grooves in the panel surface contributes to a design factor in an otherwise functional area. Together with classic Troldtekt ceilings, Troldtekt curves also ensure good acoustics in the basement area.